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My Favorites: Morning Indulgence


As many of you may know, I am a bean head.  This refers not to the shape of my cranium but my love of coffee and espresso based beverages.  I’m sure this has something to do with years of conditioning from my mother who every morning at her first sip of java with announce with glee, “COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE”.  Yes, it is five times in a row….every time.

My father then took the liberty of turning me into a I must have a cappuccino after a nice meal kind of guy.

Then comes university with late night cramming where coffee and straight espresso got me through many finals.

I’m a rather frugal feller when it comes to spending on myself so a triple tall caramel macchiato and a sausage roll from Starbucks is a real treat and my favorite morning indulgence.

Are you a bean head?  What’s your favorite morning indulgence?


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Make Their Cake…and eat it too!

Angie has once again turned flour and sugar into something beautiful and delicious. Today was her grandfather’s birthday so last night after Jr. went to bed she got busy to create something special for him.

Just look at it in all of it’s chocolatey glory! Covered in ganache so creamy it would melt the iciest of hearts. Oh but she didn’t stop there. Grandpa’s favorite type of cake is a swiss roll…


So this cake is stuffed with 6 rainbow layers of swiss roll style cakes. A cherry jam between the layers ensures that the chocolatey goodness doesn’t consume the whole palate. Another successful cake!

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