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In honor of nutrition month I would like to show everyone what I like to do with ramen.  For me, instant noodles aren’t a meal.  I wouldn’t even really classify them as a snack because 10 minutes after eating them I’m hungry again.

I started playing with ramen around the time I was in 6th or 7th grade.  At the time I realized I was no longer satisfied with 1 pack of noodles so the first thing I tried was simply eating a second pack.  This worked for a time or two, but then my mind began to wander.  Now, I don’t suggest eating a lot of instant noodles as they really aren’t that great for you.  Yet on the occasion when you find your self being drawn in to their simplicity keep this post in mind.

Now that I live in Hong Kong there are quite a few more options for instant noodles and I have found a new favorite, but this can be done with any pack you prefer.

My pack of choice is the Ajisen Ramen.  The flavoring packs have a deeper taste to them and the noodles tend to have a nicer bite.

They also come in a two pack so it’s great for couples!



We simply begin by ignoring all of the cooking instructions and boil a pot of water.  (For a healthier version boil a pot of your favorite stock instead and ditch all the flavoring packets!)

Dump out the flavoring packs into a good-sized bowl that you’re planning to eat out of.  When the water (or stock) comes to a boil add about 1/2cup to your seasonings and stir to combine.



Dump your noodles into the boiling water and cook them until they just start to get tender.  Trust me on this one, if you wait until they are cooked through by the time we’re finished here your just going to have a pile of mush in the bottom of your bowl!  Remove the noodles from the water but keep the water in the pot either using chopsticks or a noodle spoon.

Top your noodles with a handful or 2 or greens.  Dark leafy veggies are an excellent source of nutrition and they are darn tasty as well!  You and boil up some asparagus, broccoli, choy sum, or bok choy ahead of time and add it at this stage as well for an even healthier treat.

My favorite thing to do when playing with ramen is to add an egg.  Today I decided to poach my egg as I’m feeling quite lazy and don’t want to dirty another pan but you can scramble, over easy, or sunny side up if you’d like!  Another option would be to have some hard-boiled eggs on hand.  They make a great snack as well!

If you’re going to poach keep the noodle water, add a teaspoon of vinegar, stir your water, drop in the egg and let it cook for about a minute to a minute and a half.

Scoop out the egg, top up your bowl with water (or stock) and enjoy!

*Side note* You may notice my ramen flavor today is pork bone broth.  This is about as close as this lazy chef was getting to a roast crown of pork to celebrate today’s holiday.  Happy roast crown of pork day!


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5 flowers tea


January is hot tea month! (yes, it is also soup month)
What better way to celebrate than to take part in some local tea. 

Chinese herbal teas are quite popular in Hong Kong with a shop selling their brews in just about every mall and MTR station.  Today at work they are serving 5 flowers tea which is probably my personal favorite of the Chinese herbal teas.

5 flower tea consists mainly of honeysuckle, crysanthamum, silk cotton, plumeria rubra, and pueraria lobata.  The combination can help to remove heat and dampness.  If you have a sore throat, insomnia, or indigestion this tea may be helpful for you.  Unlike many Chinese herbal tea, this one actually tastes good!

What is your tea of choice this month?

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Happy soup month!

It just so happens that January 8th is English toffee day.  It also happens that english toffee isn’t something you can just pick up at 7 eleven whlie running off to work.  With that being said, January is soup month.  This is how I celebrated today.

At work there is a daily soup served in the cafateria.  It is typically a traditional Chinese style soup but they do make western soups from time to time.  Today’s soup is a double-boiled pork shank soup with lotus leaf and winter melon.  On the nose, all you get is the pork aromatics.  It’s upon tasting the soup that the magic really happens.

The lotus leaf adds a deepness and a slightly bitter taste while the winter melon adds viscosity and sweetness rounding off a well balanced soup.

When people are asked, “What is your comfort food”? The number one response is soup.  What soup is comforting you this January?

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