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Chocolate Covered Peanuts


Today I decided that it’s ok to take some liberty with this holiday and make it a bit classier so I have enjoyed the above chocolates.

The round ones with the crunchy topping are chocolate covered macadamia nuts amd the ones topped with flowers are black garlic chocolate truffles.  Y.U.M.

If you’re looking for a box of chocolates to give as a gift, that’s a little more special than the same box of Ferror Rocher everyone gives out, then I suggest stopping by Pastry Gems on the 9th floor of the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong.  They have a great selection of these premium chocolates, not to mention their beautiful cake selection.

Happy Chocolate Covered Peanuts day!

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Chocolate & Macadamia Nut Shortbread!

I mentioned to the wifey that today was going to be shortbread day and I saw her eyes light up a bit.  I had planned on coming home tonight and slapping some dough together and hoping for the best.  Instead I come home to wonderful smells and shortbread with chocolate chips and toasted macadamia nuts!

Yes, it is ok to be jealous.  Shortbread can be a great base for a numerous amount of cookie flavors.  You can add a few tablespoons of cocoa powder and have a chocolate cookie base, or add nuts, or marshmallows, or cranberries!!  Basically the flavor combinations are only limited to your imagination.

Where did your imagination take you for shortbread day?

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