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Today for lunch the Mrs. and I went out for Japanese noodles.  She’s a big fan of ramen so while we were wondering aimlessly with empty stomachs and I saw the restaurant I knew it was supposed to be.  Well, at least once we got inside…and I saw the menu…because let’s be honest, I didn’t even push the floor on the elevator, it just happened to stop there.


ANYWAY!!!  This place had some pretty good noodles.  Of course I didn’t get a card so I have no idea what it was called but they were tasty.  The point of this story however would be my fascination with the condiments that they provided.  They had some of the typical things, chilis, soy sauce, and garlic…but this was no standard overly roasted/fried garlic crumbs stuff.  This was grade A raw garlic with a press so you could add super fresh garlic to you noodles at your will.


Perhaps even more impressive than the garlic press, was the sesame seed dispenser.  They had toasted sesame seeds in this container.  And you could hold it over your bowl, and spin the wheel thingy…aaaaaaannnnd PRESTO!!!Image

A twist on the magical wheel would send cracked pepper sized toasted sesame seed powder clouds floating onto your ramen. Not only was it super cool but it actually added a great depth to the broth.

Somebody please find one of these things and send it to me asap! I’ll be adding it to everything!

What’s your favorite condiment?

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Bologne is a Japanese style cafe/bakery with quite a delicious product. I have yet to eat at their restaurant on Aberdeen St. but am loving their sweet danish pastry style bread. (Photos to come later) For BREAD it is quite expensive coming it at 18HKD for two thick slices, but if you consider that you can pay upwards of 35HKD for a single croissant in this town its really not too pricey at all. The thing I love about this product is that it is completely different from anything I’ve ever had while still being very similar to bread and croissants. I definitely suggest heading over to BO-LO’GNE for a few slices of “magical bread”. Or if you’re a bit short on time, check out their website which allows you to order and have your magical bread delivered to you. Now that’s what I call magical bread.

Keep on Eatin’

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Tao Kae Noi

Tao Kae NoiI’m not even going to pretend that I speak Japanese or know what “Tao Kae Noi” actually means.  But after having these crispy seaweed snacks, I’m going to say it really just means tasty seaweed.  Personally I love seaweed.  Then again, I don’t often run into foods I’m not fond of.

These seaweed snacks were quite tasty.  The good and bad thing about this snack is that it is just seaweed, oil, salt, and pepper.  Its good because you don’t lose the natural flavor of the ocean do to excessive flavorings.  Its bad because, although this was a decent sized bag, and I couldn’t stop after I had the first one, I was still starving by the time I got home.  I’m not sure if we can even classify seaweed with the snacks, its more like gum or mints where you just eat it for the flavor.  I just don’t suggest replacing the gum or mints with seaweed unless your date enjoys the smell of stale ocean on your breath.

I think next time I’ll try adding it into a sandwich or with steamed rice could be good too.


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