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My Favorites: Chinese Bread


While western bakeries are busy pumping out flakey croissants and crusty baguettes that take hours and sometimes days to make, Chinese bakeries here in Hong Kong are making a single dough into every shape imaginable. They then stuff it with meats and cheeses and turn them into tasty soft bready goodnesses. My favorite Chinese Bread is the one pictured above. It’s filled with corned beef and cheese and topped with a crunch that I really have no idea what it is. Do you have a favorite baked good?

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Better than it looks!


Although this may look a bit disgusting or possibly even obscene, I assure you it is indeed much better than it looks!

Yesterday the wifey and I left the house a bit early for our dinner date with the in-laws so we killed some time exploring K11 for the first time.  *Side note*  We will be going back to K11 soon as they have a restaurant I’d like to try and boots the wifey thinks are pretty.

While wandering the shops we stumbled into La Creation (Shop B103, K11, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui).  Basically a small coffee shop/bakery with eat in or take out options.  While drooling over their offerings I had the same reaction I’m sure many of you did at first looking at my picture above.  Upon further inspection I learned that instead of a pile of poo, it was actually squid ink dyed bread stuffed with bacon and topped with cheese!  With my new knowledge I look over at the wifey and tell her, “I think I’d like to try that one”.  Without a word she disappears for a moment and returns with a tray and tongs, allows me a moment to pick the most disgusting looking one before carting me off to the other side to pick out the doughnuts she had been eyeballing for the past 5 minutes.

Bacon stuffed, cheese topped, squid ink dyed bread…much much MUCH better than it looks!

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Creative Rolls

Believe it or not, when it comes to being a professional chef/baker, the days can get a bit repetitive.  Sure, you’ve always got something going wrong that you have to fix, (if this didn’t happen in your day then rest assured that you missed the issue, something unexpected always happens at the wrong moment and you have to fix it) but after you’ve got your crew trained, and a steady flow of customers, the long hours have a way of becoming tedious.

It is quite easy to allow yourself to slip into a routine and just pass the long hours, sweating like mad, on auto pilot.  If I ever find myself in this mode I always try to force myself out of it and either try something I’ve never tried before or ask someone more experienced for a free education.  Well the following is a combination of the two:

My boss (a baker of 35 years and counting) was kind enough to introduce me to the art of creating animals from dough.  We started with the plain white bread (the cheapest stuff for me to play with) and then I gradually worked my way into more temperamental doughs with seeds and different flours, keeping with the same cute hedgehog theme.  On the left we have a soya bean and linseed (flax-seed) bread with pumpkin seeds for eyes.  On the right is a “malted multi-grain” hedgehog with dried cranberry eyes.  The are sitting on a bed of their off spring so to say.

I took both the doughs and rolled them flat, placed one on top of the other and rolled it up.  Then I rolled it out a bit (like stretching a baguette) and cut them into pieces.  A while in the proofer and a bit in the oven and PRESTO!

Fun, twisty rolls the whole family can enjoy 🙂


Had to get to them before the dog so I could keep on Eatin’!


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