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My Favorites: Morning Indulgence


As many of you may know, I am a bean head.  This refers not to the shape of my cranium but my love of coffee and espresso based beverages.  I’m sure this has something to do with years of conditioning from my mother who every morning at her first sip of java with announce with glee, “COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE”.  Yes, it is five times in a row….every time.

My father then took the liberty of turning me into a I must have a cappuccino after a nice meal kind of guy.

Then comes university with late night cramming where coffee and straight espresso got me through many finals.

I’m a rather frugal feller when it comes to spending on myself so a triple tall caramel macchiato and a sausage roll from Starbucks is a real treat and my favorite morning indulgence.

Are you a bean head?  What’s your favorite morning indulgence?


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Product Review: Corazonas Baja Bean Dip Tortilla Chips

I recently traveled on Alaska Airlines from Sacramento, California to Seattle, Washington and was fortunate enough to be seated in first class. It was a short flight and I had just eaten breakfast so normally I wouldn’t have accepted the snack but I noticed these heart healthy chips that I have not seen before so I decided to give them a try. The following is from the back of the bag:

“Enjoy Snacking Again

The name of our company was inspired by the Spanish word for heart: corazon. Our mission at Corazonas Foods is to create great tasting, heart healthy natural snacks. Corazonas tortilla chips are the only product of its kind that contains plant sterols – natural ingredients found in many fruits, vegetables and other plant sources that have been clinically proven to help lower cholesterol. And thy deliver all the crunchy authentic taste you’d expect from a great tasting snack.

Party Hearty!”

The airline served some salsa with the chips but before indulging into the salsa I decided to give these chips a try. Now I’m not normally a fan of the flavored chips because they usually taste so fake that the name (Baja Bean Dip) doesn’t make any sense. In this case though I was pleasantly surprised. At first bite the chip almost lives up to the back of the bag with a nice crisp bite, it is a little softer then I was expecting because of the name “chip” but after the first taste I enjoyed the slightly softer bite.

The flavor of the chip was also quite surprising. It actually tastes as though you had dipped the chip into a light bean dip and then began to enjoy. The taste was incredible with the taste of the chip followed by a black bean flavor with a little spice at the end. Another nice thing about these chips was that they aren’t to salty. Paired with the salsa it was quite the treat in today’s world where we’re lucky to get stale pretzels on our flights.

I would suggest serving these chips with a chunky corn salsa or a light cheese dip.

Finding good airplane food, one more reason to live to eat.

John T. Osorio

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