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My Favorites: Potato Chips


Walkers Salt & Vinegar.

Lay’s, I’m sorry but you’ve met your match, for now.

Walkers seems to make a slightly thicker chip that doesn’t shatter once bitten.  It also seems to be covered in a better vinegar as now when I taste Lay’s it tastes a little chemically.

I’d like to be all American on this one but looks like the Brits win the chip battle…for now.

What’s your favorite chip flavor/brand?

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Hot n Spicy!

Happy International Hot and Spicy Day!

Today also happens to be Fig Neuton Day, but we’re going to focus on the international celebration today.  (Besides, I forgot to try to pick up some Fig Neutons).

With all of that in mind, allow me to introduce you to a condiment I’ve never felt necessary to pick up off the table until today.


Chili paste, you scare me.  Just a sniff is enough set my nose hairs on fire and my mouth watering like it’s gearing up to put out an out of control forest blaze.

Today we’re celebrating, and without a Fig Neuton to save me from the fire, I added some chili paste to my sweet corn sauce and smothered it all over a sole fillet. 


Yes, it looks quite disgusting, but haven’t we learned to see past looks yet?  Upon tasting my new concoction my mouth is filled with a deep creamy flavor…until the spice kicks in.  I would show a photo after the first bite but nobody really wants to see a grown man cry. 

For the record, I did finish my lunch and have already marked it in my planner to buy Fig Neutons for next year.

How spicy was your hot n spicy day?

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