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In honor of nutrition month I would like to show everyone what I like to do with ramen.  For me, instant noodles aren’t a meal.  I wouldn’t even really classify them as a snack because 10 minutes after eating them I’m hungry again.

I started playing with ramen around the time I was in 6th or 7th grade.  At the time I realized I was no longer satisfied with 1 pack of noodles so the first thing I tried was simply eating a second pack.  This worked for a time or two, but then my mind began to wander.  Now, I don’t suggest eating a lot of instant noodles as they really aren’t that great for you.  Yet on the occasion when you find your self being drawn in to their simplicity keep this post in mind.

Now that I live in Hong Kong there are quite a few more options for instant noodles and I have found a new favorite, but this can be done with any pack you prefer.

My pack of choice is the Ajisen Ramen.  The flavoring packs have a deeper taste to them and the noodles tend to have a nicer bite.

They also come in a two pack so it’s great for couples!



We simply begin by ignoring all of the cooking instructions and boil a pot of water.  (For a healthier version boil a pot of your favorite stock instead and ditch all the flavoring packets!)

Dump out the flavoring packs into a good-sized bowl that you’re planning to eat out of.  When the water (or stock) comes to a boil add about 1/2cup to your seasonings and stir to combine.



Dump your noodles into the boiling water and cook them until they just start to get tender.  Trust me on this one, if you wait until they are cooked through by the time we’re finished here your just going to have a pile of mush in the bottom of your bowl!  Remove the noodles from the water but keep the water in the pot either using chopsticks or a noodle spoon.

Top your noodles with a handful or 2 or greens.  Dark leafy veggies are an excellent source of nutrition and they are darn tasty as well!  You and boil up some asparagus, broccoli, choy sum, or bok choy ahead of time and add it at this stage as well for an even healthier treat.

My favorite thing to do when playing with ramen is to add an egg.  Today I decided to poach my egg as I’m feeling quite lazy and don’t want to dirty another pan but you can scramble, over easy, or sunny side up if you’d like!  Another option would be to have some hard-boiled eggs on hand.  They make a great snack as well!

If you’re going to poach keep the noodle water, add a teaspoon of vinegar, stir your water, drop in the egg and let it cook for about a minute to a minute and a half.

Scoop out the egg, top up your bowl with water (or stock) and enjoy!

*Side note* You may notice my ramen flavor today is pork bone broth.  This is about as close as this lazy chef was getting to a roast crown of pork to celebrate today’s holiday.  Happy roast crown of pork day!


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Frozen Food

Now, I know that I said we’d be focusing on health this month…but it becomes very difficult with days like today.

Happy Frozen Food day!

When I first read that today was frozen food day I instantly wanted to have a junk food fest: Pizza rolls, extra buttery popcorn, burritos, and top it all off with a microwave cake.  Then I had to take a step back and try to have something a little healthier.  I’m not sure if “ding ding” dim sum can be called healthy…but it’s better than what I was planning! 😉

What’s your frozen comfort food?

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Main St. Deli

Happy Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day!

I was quite concerned that I would have to find some round about way of celebrating this holiday due to ingredients being so hard to come by sometimes.  Fortunately for us all (mostly me) there is a place called Main St. Deli which will from now on will be the go to place for all of my deli needs.

Even John Jr. was happy to be there!



Main St. Deli is one of the F&B (food and beverage) outlets at the Langham Hotel and they do the deli market justice.

First of all, my menu was my place mat.  Just look at it in all of its paper glory.  They had everything from pizza to buffalo wings to Hot Pastrami Sandwiches!

I’ll be back to Main St. Deli at least another 10 times just to try the rest of their sandwich menu!  It was so hard not to go for the reuben right away.

Before I even place an order the server brings over a good portion of sauerkraut and a giant sweet pickle!  Unfortunately I was a little distracted with the baby and the menu to get a picture of that though.  I finally drool over the menu long enough and ordered a Paulaner (German beer), a pastrami on rye, and buffalo wings.  Yes, I was hungry.  Also, it is quite difficult to find decent buffalo wings in this city so I had to go with my gut and give these ones a go.


With great food and great beer the next thing you’re going to hear is that the service sucked right? Wrong.  Dining with my two and a half month old was a pleasure thanks to the great staff who were extremely attentive without hovering over me the whole time.

What a happy hot pastrami day indeed!  How are you going to celebrate today?


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Don’t be such a Brat…

Don’t be such a Brat…

Yes,  this post goes out to you sir.  The gentleman that I so rudely interrupted from his conversation with the young lady he works with by walking into this establishment.  I understand that in the empty restaurant you must have been quite busy gossiping and me wishing to add a second condiment to my dog is an extreme inconvenience to you.

I’ll cut the sarcasm short here as I’m sure you get the point already and I would hate to write a completely terrible review of this “Hot Dog” joint as they do have a few excellent qualities.


This is probably the greatest way I’ve ever seen french fries presented.  The fries in the basket weren’t anything super special but they were good.


At Brat you can expect to find quite a decent beer selection to help wash down your sausage and fries. On this visit I enjoyed a Karmeliet which was refreshing and delightfully crisp.



We now move onto the meat of this review.  I must admit, although there was a bumpy start to the meal with the service, after the fries arrived and I’d had a few sips of beer I was at ease and really excited to bite into one of these highly touted sausages.

These sausages themselves are really good.  Upon first bite you can just hear the snap of the casing before the juiciness of the meat floods your mouth with a savory tsunami sending your taste buds on a surfing adventure.  The rye bun felt and tasted as though it were a day old and a bit stale, having lost all crispness in the crust.  Their classic bun, also felt a bit old, but the crust had a great crunch left in it.

If you make your way to Brat, heed this final warning.  Stay away from the Mac n’ Cheese.  A baked macaroni and cheese with a bread crumb topping can be on of the most delicious side dishes, but without enough sauce it easily becomes a dry, bland, doughy mess.  Unfortunately this was the case on my trip to Brat.

Despite the disgruntled employee and the lack of awesome sauce for the baked Mac, I would like to head back to Brat soon to see if I can purchase some of their sausages to cook at home and enjoy a cold brew while they pack it up for me!


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Rice Paper

If you don’t know me, then you might not know that I am not the biggest fan of shopping.  *Purchasing food ingredients is obviously not included in the previous statement.*  With this being said, Rice Paper was exactly what I needed today after a emergency shopping spree.  (I actually only bought a pair of pants and a dress shirt and that was enough to put me on edge…)

I may be giving the service a bit more credit than deserved but I going to be positive about the experience and say that the server noted upon my arrival a need to be left alone.  I ordered my beer and it arrived promptly at the table in under 5 minutes.  This is a big step for Hong Kong if you’ve read my previous restaurant reviews.  The server was visibly relieved when I told him he didn’t have to pour it for me.

After cooling off with a few sips of this excellent export my mood was lifting just as my soup arrived.


  I’ve had Pho (Raw beef noodles) at quite a few different Vietnamese establishments.  I actually seek it out as I do love a good Pho.  This beef soup wasn’t exactly Pho as it contained no noodles, only a pile of bean sprouts in its place.  This turned out to be in my favor as the portion was quite a bit larger than the server had mentioned.  The pile of fresh herbs on top when combined with a sliver of beef and a splash of soup was a wonderful combination.


Last but not least the Banh mi arrived in all it’s crunchy glory.  The baguette was so crispy leading into the crunch from the carrots/daikon chased by the bite of fresh cucumber, all giving me a mild eargasm.  The sandwich as a whole was lacking a little pizazz until I took a bit of the beet/carrot/daikon salad and shoved it in the middle giving it a little kick from the sweet vinegar and the intense heat from some unknown source.


My only regret from this trip was not trying a traditional drip coffee.  I had the opportunity to try one in Vietnam earlier this year and wasn’t a fan in the least, but I figured I owed it a second try.  Next time dear Rice Paper….next time.

Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

Shop P413-418, 4/F, World Trade Centre, 280 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay


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Linguini Fini






Yesterday I took Angie to Linguini Fini to find out what all the fuss is about.  Unfortunately we had just finished doing a ton of baby shopping so we had to head back home before getting there, putting us in the middle of lunch hour traffic. With that being said, the wait wasn’t terrible with a table being ready for us in thirty minutes.

Once seated service was quick for the most part. Something I don’t understand about eating in Hong Kong is how long it takes for the initial beverage order to hit the table.  We had bread (which is served in an anchovy can and I thought that was quite cleaver) and our 8 hour tripe (so good!) on the table before a bottle of water could make its way to us.  Normaly this would be fine, but not while it’s a million degrees outside!

Aside from the temporary drought, service was impeccible.   We both had set lunches with linguini, mine a dried shrimp linguini with spicy tomato sauce and Angie’s was plain linguini with basically a cooked caprese salad mixed in.  Angie’s was a perfect blend of texture & flavors. The first bite of mine was to die for.  Unfortunately I think they actually might have wanted me dead as every bite I took the fire in my mouth doubled in potency until all my taste buds could decipher was the tomato flavor, the dried shrimp having been lost to the flames.  I’m obviously exaggerating to make my story more entertaining, but it was a bit overly spicy.

Salads were good as well. Angie had the ceasar and I the roasted red pepper with mixed greens.  My favorite part about the salads is that they use mostly local veggies.  In fact they use a lot of local goods.  Check out their site for more information.

The 8 hour tripe deserves a paragraph of it’s own as it was the best I’ve had in years.  Tender slices of beef and pork stomachs in a smooth tomato sauce.  Only thing I want different from this dish is more!  I’ll have to find an excuse to order a second plate next time.

Overall I really enjoyed our lunch at Linguini Fini.  They’ve a great vibe going on over there, just check out the chef pants if you don’t believe me!


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Loyal Dining




I wasn’t in Hong Kong, let alone a twinkle in my grandpappy’s eye in the 1960s but I’d reckon Loyal dining is making their elders proud.  This is of course based on the small amount of Cantonese I understand floating all around me.  Judging by the rocks on the ladies hands sitting next to me I’m willing to bet that they’re used to taking thier luncheons/afternoon teas at places like The Penninsula or The Ritz Carlton. From what I understand, ladies like these (Tai-Tai’s) run the food scene in Hong Kong.  Watch out Loyal Dining because they left happy, expect a line out the door tomorrow.

I had a simple set lunch starting with 3 types of dim sum (2pcs each) followed by a plate of shrimp fried rice and am now left to sip my tea comfortably.

With the array of dishes being placed all around me I can see this wont be my last visit. They have everything from the above mentioned to beef wellington and a full breakfast menu.

Simple delicious food and perfect service, what’s not to love?

Run down to 66 Wellington now to see if you don’t just become a loyal diner at Loyal Dining.

Remember what Loyal says, “Careless eaters always mess up at work”.  So either learn your manners, or I’d suggest canceling that lunch meeting with your boss ASAP!


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