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My Favorites: Fried Chicken


Finding yourself at the end of Kimberly Rd in Tst after dark can be a bit sketchy. It’s definitely not the dirtiest place in town, but it’s not where I would typically send my readers for a great bite. Yet here we are. Just on the corner you’ll see the grey blue walls sticking out like a sore thumb. Just slide open the door and you’ve reached fried chicken heaven! Or have you? I doubted it the first time I was brought here. The majority of the staff don’t speak English, or Cantonese. If you happen to know a bit of Korean or Japanese you’re in luck! Otherwise you’ll be going over your order a few times. Just order like this: “I would like an order of the fried chicken with no sauce.” It also helps to point at the first picture on the fried chicken page of the menu. Once they confirm your sauceless chicken you may request mayonnaise and/or spicy sauce on the side. I’m simply a purist and will have beer as my only condiment, thank you. With kpop videos blaring away, crispy juicy fried chicken in one hand and an ice cold glass of Hite in the other you too will be saying, “move over Kentucky, Korea has this fried chicken business on lock down!”


*Caution* The rest of the food isn’t really up to par and the chicken is enough for two.


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Main St. Deli

Happy Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day!

I was quite concerned that I would have to find some round about way of celebrating this holiday due to ingredients being so hard to come by sometimes.  Fortunately for us all (mostly me) there is a place called Main St. Deli which will from now on will be the go to place for all of my deli needs.

Even John Jr. was happy to be there!



Main St. Deli is one of the F&B (food and beverage) outlets at the Langham Hotel and they do the deli market justice.

First of all, my menu was my place mat.  Just look at it in all of its paper glory.  They had everything from pizza to buffalo wings to Hot Pastrami Sandwiches!

I’ll be back to Main St. Deli at least another 10 times just to try the rest of their sandwich menu!  It was so hard not to go for the reuben right away.

Before I even place an order the server brings over a good portion of sauerkraut and a giant sweet pickle!  Unfortunately I was a little distracted with the baby and the menu to get a picture of that though.  I finally drool over the menu long enough and ordered a Paulaner (German beer), a pastrami on rye, and buffalo wings.  Yes, I was hungry.  Also, it is quite difficult to find decent buffalo wings in this city so I had to go with my gut and give these ones a go.


With great food and great beer the next thing you’re going to hear is that the service sucked right? Wrong.  Dining with my two and a half month old was a pleasure thanks to the great staff who were extremely attentive without hovering over me the whole time.

What a happy hot pastrami day indeed!  How are you going to celebrate today?


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Don’t be such a Brat…

Don’t be such a Brat…

Yes,  this post goes out to you sir.  The gentleman that I so rudely interrupted from his conversation with the young lady he works with by walking into this establishment.  I understand that in the empty restaurant you must have been quite busy gossiping and me wishing to add a second condiment to my dog is an extreme inconvenience to you.

I’ll cut the sarcasm short here as I’m sure you get the point already and I would hate to write a completely terrible review of this “Hot Dog” joint as they do have a few excellent qualities.


This is probably the greatest way I’ve ever seen french fries presented.  The fries in the basket weren’t anything super special but they were good.


At Brat you can expect to find quite a decent beer selection to help wash down your sausage and fries. On this visit I enjoyed a Karmeliet which was refreshing and delightfully crisp.



We now move onto the meat of this review.  I must admit, although there was a bumpy start to the meal with the service, after the fries arrived and I’d had a few sips of beer I was at ease and really excited to bite into one of these highly touted sausages.

These sausages themselves are really good.  Upon first bite you can just hear the snap of the casing before the juiciness of the meat floods your mouth with a savory tsunami sending your taste buds on a surfing adventure.  The rye bun felt and tasted as though it were a day old and a bit stale, having lost all crispness in the crust.  Their classic bun, also felt a bit old, but the crust had a great crunch left in it.

If you make your way to Brat, heed this final warning.  Stay away from the Mac n’ Cheese.  A baked macaroni and cheese with a bread crumb topping can be on of the most delicious side dishes, but without enough sauce it easily becomes a dry, bland, doughy mess.  Unfortunately this was the case on my trip to Brat.

Despite the disgruntled employee and the lack of awesome sauce for the baked Mac, I would like to head back to Brat soon to see if I can purchase some of their sausages to cook at home and enjoy a cold brew while they pack it up for me!


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Rice Paper

If you don’t know me, then you might not know that I am not the biggest fan of shopping.  *Purchasing food ingredients is obviously not included in the previous statement.*  With this being said, Rice Paper was exactly what I needed today after a emergency shopping spree.  (I actually only bought a pair of pants and a dress shirt and that was enough to put me on edge…)

I may be giving the service a bit more credit than deserved but I going to be positive about the experience and say that the server noted upon my arrival a need to be left alone.  I ordered my beer and it arrived promptly at the table in under 5 minutes.  This is a big step for Hong Kong if you’ve read my previous restaurant reviews.  The server was visibly relieved when I told him he didn’t have to pour it for me.

After cooling off with a few sips of this excellent export my mood was lifting just as my soup arrived.


  I’ve had Pho (Raw beef noodles) at quite a few different Vietnamese establishments.  I actually seek it out as I do love a good Pho.  This beef soup wasn’t exactly Pho as it contained no noodles, only a pile of bean sprouts in its place.  This turned out to be in my favor as the portion was quite a bit larger than the server had mentioned.  The pile of fresh herbs on top when combined with a sliver of beef and a splash of soup was a wonderful combination.


Last but not least the Banh mi arrived in all it’s crunchy glory.  The baguette was so crispy leading into the crunch from the carrots/daikon chased by the bite of fresh cucumber, all giving me a mild eargasm.  The sandwich as a whole was lacking a little pizazz until I took a bit of the beet/carrot/daikon salad and shoved it in the middle giving it a little kick from the sweet vinegar and the intense heat from some unknown source.


My only regret from this trip was not trying a traditional drip coffee.  I had the opportunity to try one in Vietnam earlier this year and wasn’t a fan in the least, but I figured I owed it a second try.  Next time dear Rice Paper….next time.

Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

Shop P413-418, 4/F, World Trade Centre, 280 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay


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Pizza Express (Revisited)






Ah Pizza Express. It’s been some time since I spoke of you last.  Let’s get down to the good, the bad, and the ugly shall we?

You still offer that same funky vibe which we’re all totally digging and now you’re doing monthly specials?  Yea, kudos to you my friend.  You’re IFC “popup” with it’s vegitarian friendly menu is pretty smokin’ as well.

Yet ordering your cajun special for June turns out to have been a mistake.  Infact, let’s get this one clear Hong Kong; cajun does not mean spicy!  It also does not mean spicy because we added some tabasco!  According to wikipedia cajun cuisine is, “is the style of cooking named for the French-speaking Acadian or “Cajun” immigrants deported by the British from Acadia in Canada to the Acadiana region of Louisiana, USA. It is what could be called a rustic cuisine — locally available ingredients predominate, and preparation is simple”. Yes, I’ll step off the soapbox for awhile now.

Aside from that and perhaps the shrimp being a bit old and bland, the pie was actually pretty well constructed and went great with my Peroni.

It seems to me dear Pizza Express that your mushrooms have shrunk since the last time I enjoyed the baked little morsels stuffed with cheese. Your dipping sauces for the masses of dough balls you supply on every plate on the other hand seem to have been greatly improved.  The ceasar salad with grilled chicken is also a continous crowd pleaser. 

It looks like you’ve got a lot on your plate at the moment my old friend so I’ll lend you a small piece of advice: Keep doing what your doing.  Not every idea is a great one but you’re batting a 3 out of 5 which puts you miles ahead of half your competition.  But you knew that already.

I’ll be back to keep on eatin. Maybe a cheeseburger pizza special in the upcoming months? Just an idea!


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張記 Cheung Kei







On most evenings in the US we eat dinner at home.with our families. In Hong Kong things are done a bit different. Mostly due to the extreme heat and cramped living conditions people tend to eat out almost every night. This does not mean fine dining by any means for the majority but if you know which Dai Pai Dong to go to you can still score a great meal.

My inlaws (and now mine as well) is Cheung Kei in Ap Lei Chau.  We are regulars here for sure and everyone is extra friendly, which I’m assured is not because I’m their only western customer. (I still have my doubts.)  Its always loud with people getting carried away in their conversations of majhong just played or the incoming typhoon. This was a problem for me at first as I tend to enjou a quiet meal after a long dag at work but now that I’m catching onto the language a bit I’m able to join in so it’s actually quite enjoyable.

The food is quite inexpensive as you can easily feed a family of four adults (plus all the beer you can drink) for under HKD500 which is quite cheap considering we had 3 crabs.

If you’re looking for a true local dining experiance or are simply looking for a great hole in the wall I highly recommend heading down to Cheung Kei.

I sure do love livin’ to eat.


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Monster Hands

Please give a scary looking hand to my newest mystery meat.  If anyone out there can tell me what this thing is actually called I would greatly appreciate it!

Angie’s dad has come home a few time now with these tasty little morsels.  He apparently goes out to his secret fishing spot and literately scrapes them off of the rocky walls with a putty knife by the bucket full.

Their flavor resembles that of a mussel or a clam and has the texture close to squid.  To cook them he begins by soaking them in water then rinsing thoroughly, repeating this process 2-3 times.  This is to try to remove as much sand as possible.  They are then once again put into a pot full of lightly salted water and brought just to the boil.  Drain off the water and these little guys are the perfect little snack.  Move over bowl of peanuts…these monster hands go way better with a pint of beer.


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