Ice balls: Novelty or Necessity?

01 Jan

For me, the answer is yes.  An ice ball can be both a necessity and a simple novelty.

I received an ice ball mould for Christmas this year. Santa apparently knows that I’m a fan of whiskey. I thought that might have put me on the naughty list but Santa seems to approve and wishes to encourage properly chilled whiskies for 2013.

My original thought about these huge rounds of ice was pure awesome! I love anything a little funky and different and these sure do look cool in a glass!   Once I started using them on the higher proofed whiskies I completely fell in love with them as they last.  The worst is trying to enjoy a single malt on the rocks and the second half of your beverage being thin and tasteless. This of course being due to all the ice melting. At this point you would have been better off just doing a shot as you are now forced to slam it to get to the next full flavored one or dump it.


You may also note that I am on need of rocks glasses haha!

So for my single malts and higher proofed whiskies I prefer an ice ball to maintain the flavor through the whole glass.  When it comes to the lower proofed stuff you may catch me with a ball in my cup but this is simply because it looks cool.

How do you take your whiskey?

Drink responsibly! Have a fantastic 2013

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