ANA Oysters and Grill

08 Oct

If you ever find yourself walking around Causeway Bay without a reservation and it’s getting close to meal time, it’s a pretty good idea to just jump into the nearest restaurant before they’re all full for the next several hours.  This past Wednesday little Ms. Cupcake and I were doing just that while birthday shopping for Jr and it occurs to us we’re both starving and places are filling up fast.  We turn the corner onto Lockhart Rd and are both drawn to 2 separate signs across the street.  Oddly enough both were for the same restaurant.  The place looks completely deserted from the outside which would normally make us pass the place  up but for whatever reason we decided to take a chance on this one and jumped into the elevator.

We were quite happy we did and yet a little sad at the same time since we were shopping neither of is had our cameras so we’ll just have to make due with phone photos.

If you know Ms. Cupcake or myself at all then you know there are 2 things we rarely pass up at a restaurant, oysters and tasting menus.  Not only did we have the place to ourselves…I guess everyone else thought it was closed too…which ment exceptional service but we were quickly greeted with a platter of our favorite bi-valves.


Pacific, Irish rock, Kumumoto, and Namibia.  I was particularly impressed with Namibia.  I’ve never knowingly had an African oyster before and this was a real treat.  They served the oysters with a typical vinegar, and cocktail sauce but then threw me another exciting curve with a Thai style sauce consisting of lime, sugar, fish sauce, and a little mint which complimented the oysters perfectly.  I’ll have to look onto replicating this sauce later.


The first dish on the tasting menu was a steamed foie gras mousse with white truffle oil and caviar served with a lemon and mint sorbet.  The mousse was a fantastic combination of creamyness and mouth bursting flavor. The first bite of the sorbet was a perfect palate cleansing experience but every bite after becoming more and more overwhelmingly sour that you are glad the portion is so small.


Next up we indulged a little further with some cherrystone clams before our next tasting course.


Razor clam with roasted garlic, vermouth, and saffron sauce.  Fantastic sauce but the clam was a bit overcooked.


Next up a house smoked Japanese pork belly and prawns.  Absolutely delicious.  The pork wad tender and not overly smoked while the prawns were perfectly cooked and bursting with flavor.


Our fish course was an Australian seabass with crispy skin and tender flesh.


For our main we had M7 Waygu rump.  I didn’t read “rump roast” when looking at the menu so was initially disappointed until I took a second glance and was instantly impressed how juicy and tender they served their rumps…hahaha food puns.


The other nice thing about the beef was the assortment of condiments that came with it.  4 different house seasoned sea salts and 2 different mustards made every bite just as exciting as the first.


Last and absolutely least was the duo of gelato for dessert.  The white chocolate strawberry was ok but too large and then they paired it with the super sour lemon-mint sorbet again…why?

I hope to go back again to sample some of their al a carte items…and of course some more oysters!


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