Hot Toddy

11 Jan

Happy hot toddy day!

I had a hot toddy this evening at Shelly’s Yard in SOHO.  Like most mixed beverages there isn’t exactly a right or wrong way to do things…just some general guidelines.  Unfortunately this bartender took the cheapest way out.  It was basically hot lemon water with some cloves and cheap whiskey.

I had slightly higher expectations as I had been looking into making one at home and the recipe I was going to go with involved tea, honey, and rum.  I think I’ll still have to try this recipe before I decide I never need to have another hot toddy again…but if it tastes like the one I had tonight…that one will def be the last!

How was your hot toddy day?


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One response to “Hot Toddy

  1. Christina Loredo

    January 12, 2012 at 12:29 am

    EWWW I never knew what was in a Hot Toddy before, but it sounds not very appetizing. At least not the one that guy made! I enjoyed a delish peppermint hot chocolate! Here in NC I’ve decided that this rainy day is HOCHO DAY!


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