Oh apricots!

09 Jan

One of my very few vivid memories from early childhood was a trip to my dad’s best friend’s house…which also just so happened to be an apricot orchard.  Unfortunately for me the only apricot related thing I remember from the trip is that it was the first time I had seen an apricot seed.

The majority of my time there (if my memory is indeed a memory and not a dream) was spent chasing chickens and looking for their eggs.

Today for apricot day, aside from reminiscing about that day on the orchard, I enjoyed a pack of Emmi Swiss Premium apricot yogurt.  The yogurt has a great smooth consistency but it was lacking quite a bit in the apricot flavor department.  Next year we’ll use the dried ones I think.

Happy apricot day!

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One response to “Oh apricots!

  1. Mike Osorio

    January 10, 2012 at 6:40 am

    I remember that day and your memory is correct!


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