Merry Chocolate Covered Cherry Day!

03 Jan

When I was about 12 years old I feel in love with Queen Anne’s milk chocolate covered cordial cherries.  I quickly lost the love for them probably the next year by eating 1 box a day for about a week straight.  When I was about 16 I discovered Queen Anne’s dark side and fell in love all over again with the dark chocolate variety.  Our relationship lasted a bit longer this time as I only ate 1 box a day each year around this time.  When I was 18 I broke it off with Queen Anne as I lost my love for chocolate and candies in favor for more savory flavors.

Fast forward  7 years and I find myself in Hong Kong tearing apart the candy isle in all of the grocery stores in an attempt to find my long lost love for this special holiday.  Unfortunately I was only able to find her ugly evil step sister in my wife’s secret chocolate stash.

Cadbury’s milk chocolate with cherry flavoured jellies and biscuit pieces is a far cry from what I had in mind…but I will just have to do for today.  At least I was able to celebrate with some form of cherry covered in chocolate!!

To make this better someone should cover some dried cherry pieces in a nice dark chocolate…but keep the biscuit pieces….those were nice 🙂

Next year, someone needs to hold me to this as I’m sure I’ll forget…I’d like to make my own to celebrate.  Something like the stuff at looks like something right up the wifey’s alley.


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