Happy New Year!

01 Jan
Happy New Year!

First post of 2012 and it feels great to be back!

I’m not going to speak of plans for the future, resolutions or anything like that as I don’t wish to curse the inspiration I have been struck with recently.  With that said…we’ll jump right into it!

Anyone who knows me outside of the blog-o-sphere will tell you that I really enjoy a good celebration.  Good thing there are so many things to celebrate!  Take today for example.  Today does happen to be the first day of a new year, and that is great and all…but today also happens to be Bloody Mary Day!

To celebrate Bloody Mary Day I took the wifey and Jr. out to brunch in SOHO.  We decided to see what Peak Cafe & Bar had to offer on a Sunday morning.  The atmosphere was a bit odd as they were decked out in Chinese decor, Christmas trees, and evidence of last nights celebrations which just made for an interesting mix.  We were seated near an indoor fountain on quite a comfortable couch with plenty of space for the stroller so already life is great.

Right away I order a mimosa for the wifey and a bloody mary for myself, and a latte.  Let’s not get crazy and forget the caffine all together!  The drinks were pretty good, the mimosa was a bit sour but the bloody mary was quite good.

For food I had eggs benedict with smoked salmon and the wifey had a full english breakfast.  The food was decent as well, my muffin was a bit hard to cut (even with the steak knife provided) and the hash browns weren’t the best (an addition we made to the english breakfast) but the eggs were cooked perfectly only lacking in a bit of salt & pepper.

All in all, a very happy Bloody Mary Day indeed!


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