Loyal Dining

15 Jul




I wasn’t in Hong Kong, let alone a twinkle in my grandpappy’s eye in the 1960s but I’d reckon Loyal dining is making their elders proud.  This is of course based on the small amount of Cantonese I understand floating all around me.  Judging by the rocks on the ladies hands sitting next to me I’m willing to bet that they’re used to taking thier luncheons/afternoon teas at places like The Penninsula or The Ritz Carlton. From what I understand, ladies like these (Tai-Tai’s) run the food scene in Hong Kong.  Watch out Loyal Dining because they left happy, expect a line out the door tomorrow.

I had a simple set lunch starting with 3 types of dim sum (2pcs each) followed by a plate of shrimp fried rice and am now left to sip my tea comfortably.

With the array of dishes being placed all around me I can see this wont be my last visit. They have everything from the above mentioned to beef wellington and a full breakfast menu.

Simple delicious food and perfect service, what’s not to love?

Run down to 66 Wellington now to see if you don’t just become a loyal diner at Loyal Dining.

Remember what Loyal says, “Careless eaters always mess up at work”.  So either learn your manners, or I’d suggest canceling that lunch meeting with your boss ASAP!


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