Chateau 68

14 Jul



Walking down the streets of Hong Kong on a week day afternoon can be quite exhausting. Between dodging the ten thousand secretaries that were just released from their cubicles and the trucks attempting to make their last minute deliveries to the already heaving restaurants, going out for a stroll can be quite dangerous.

The danger is increased on days like today where the rain is playing peek-a-boo and sending pedestrians scrambling for the nearest overhang to wait out the slight drizzle as if there were a terrential downpour and they weren’t wearing fake Armani suits.

Rainy days also bring an exception to the rule that you’ll never find a table at any restaurant in central between the hours of 12pm til about 1:30pm.  With this thought in mind and after passing several places I’ve tried already I decided to stop at Chateau 68.

Chateau 68 seems like it would be a good spot to hang out at night, enjoy some tunes spun by an in-house dj, and people watch.  I didn’t expect that it would also be a decent place to stop for lunch. With a set menu starting at 68HKD it’s not a bad value for what you get.  With that being said, I think the chef must have been having a bad day because when my mushroom soup arrived all I could smell/taste was garlic.  If it were sold as a garlic mushroom soup I would have been delighted as I am a huge fan of garlic, but being a lover of a good mushroom soup I was a bit disappointed.

The meal really went up from here with the smoothest fish curry I think I’ve ever tasted.  This dish was also enhanced by the fact that it was loaded with veggies!

Overall it was a plesent meal with attentive staff and I enjoyed the bit of quiet time in the empty restaurant.


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2 responses to “Chateau 68

  1. Augustina Haugaard

    July 14, 2011 at 11:52 pm

    Real nice layout and excellent written content , absolutely nothing else we want : D.

    • John T. Osorio

      July 17, 2011 at 10:49 am

      Thanks for your kind words Augustina.


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