張記 Cheung Kei

10 Jun







On most evenings in the US we eat dinner at home.with our families. In Hong Kong things are done a bit different. Mostly due to the extreme heat and cramped living conditions people tend to eat out almost every night. This does not mean fine dining by any means for the majority but if you know which Dai Pai Dong to go to you can still score a great meal.

My inlaws (and now mine as well) is Cheung Kei in Ap Lei Chau.  We are regulars here for sure and everyone is extra friendly, which I’m assured is not because I’m their only western customer. (I still have my doubts.)  Its always loud with people getting carried away in their conversations of majhong just played or the incoming typhoon. This was a problem for me at first as I tend to enjou a quiet meal after a long dag at work but now that I’m catching onto the language a bit I’m able to join in so it’s actually quite enjoyable.

The food is quite inexpensive as you can easily feed a family of four adults (plus all the beer you can drink) for under HKD500 which is quite cheap considering we had 3 crabs.

If you’re looking for a true local dining experiance or are simply looking for a great hole in the wall I highly recommend heading down to Cheung Kei.

I sure do love livin’ to eat.


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2 responses to “張記 Cheung Kei

  1. Sharon Cameron Zalatan

    June 11, 2011 at 12:23 pm

    So I have to ask, what do chicken feet taste like?? Are they crunchy??

    • John T. Osorio

      June 11, 2011 at 12:59 pm

      Funny you should ask. I was thinking about doing a post on chicken feet while writing this last night. If you think of perfectly cooked short ribs or baby back ribs that would best describe the texture. (If cooked properly of course! )


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