Topic #55

24 Feb

I’m not really participating in “post a day 2011” but this topic was more on my level so I decided to roll with it.  (That and I’ve been majorly slacking in converting my RAW photos into .jpeg format)

Topic #55 asks if I could eat anything (no price limitations), what would I eat and who would I share that meal with.

Hong Kong has just about anything you could possibly ask for food-wise in varying levels of quality.  While I can find the foods which I desire, they just are exactly always the same.  So what food would I be eating right now if I could?  Wings.  Trinity Brewhouse hot wings in Providence, RI to be exact.  I know I’ve posted about them before, there is a reason for it.  They’re just THAT good.  Now, don’t get me wrong, Hong Kong does have ample restaurants dishing up hot wings, buffalo wings, and spicy wings.  But the sauces aren’t up to par, and steamed wings does not justify a buffalo sauce.  Its just plain wrong in my opinion.

As for the company; my dear fiance has yet had the opportunity to eat “proper” hot wings so she would obviously have to be there.  Then there was the old crew of friends that used to go with me.  I would have to take a trip down memory lane by inviting Delaware, Jess, Tim and Lindo-Lindo.  With this crew and a few pitchers of their home brewed beer I could easily just Keep on Eatin’.


Quick FYI: If you’re looking for hot wings (US style) in Hong Kong I suggest taking a trip to SML at Times Square in Causeway Bay.  They’re the closest thing I’ve found in the area.  If you know of a better place PLEASE let me know.  I’m begging you!

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