6 Senses Cooking Class

16 Feb

While staying at the 6 Senses Resort in Nha Trang, Vietnam my family and I took a cooking class.  The class was taught by one of the resort’s chefs from the area who instructed us how to make 3 traditional dishes.

For our first dish we learned how to make prawn spring rolls. Although I have made these before it was good to get the refresher course on working with rice paper.  The spicy peanut sauce we made for dipping and garnishing techniques were what I took away from this dish. (as you might see from the extra photo editing I’m quite proud of this dish :-).

Next up was a fish soup cooked in a clay pot.  I have never worked with clay pots before but am now interested in possibly picking up one or two as they heat quickly and evenly and retain their heat for a long time.

Last but certainty not least was the caramel seafood in a clay pot.  Having mastered the quick heating of the clay pot from the last dish, this time I was able to sear the fish and lock in all those delicious juices before adding the liquids.  This was a great end to a sensational afternoon cooking class.

Cooking classes are just one more thing that keep me inspired to Keep on Eatin’.

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