Six Senses dinner.

10 Feb

As we arrived quite late our first night into Nha Trang we ate dinner pretty much by ourselves in the main restaurant.

After all of the traveling it was time for a nice stiff drink to really set off the vacation mood properly.  Normally I’d stick with the usual: Jack & Coke, but I was feeling a bit festive and decided for a long island iced tea.  When the drink arrived I was quite happy that it was my first!



The drink was made perfectly, just the right balance of alcohol and sweetness from the coke.


Next we got started on the food when I decided to have a light starter of chicken salad with peanuts, white basil, and cilantro.  This was all tossed with a light tangy sauce made with lime and the local favorite fish sauce.



Last but not least of course was the main course.  Here I opted for the black cod grilled in banana leaf with black bean and ginger sauce.  Unfortunately as soon as I unwrapped the fish it magically disappeared before I could snap a second shot.  This could have something to do with the amazing aroma that the sauce put into the air.


One of those meals where I wish I had a bit more room to Keep on Eatin’.


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