Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City…

03 Feb

…your 6 hour lay-over.


Recently I went on a trip with my family to Vietnam.  It was really quite amazing, and a bit of a culture shock; we’ll get into all of that in a later post.  This is just about getting there, which was an adventure all in its own right.  To sum it up, we took a plane, to take another plane, to take an hour van ride, to take a half hour boat ride, to take a 5 minute golf cart ride to our villa.  As if all of that wasn’t enough for a day of traveling, we had a layover of 6 hours at Ho Chi Minh City.    We decided that we would take a look around the town since we had time to kill and came to the instant decision that either we needed to buy scooters, or wait it out in the airport.

Well dear readers, we opted for the airport.  We made it about as far as the sign above before we came to the realization that we had no idea where we were, or how to get anywhere from there.  Thus, we bought our way into the business class lounge.

Now before you get too judgmental; this is the only way to access the only business class lounge in the Ho Chi Minh City domestic flight terminal.

We spent the next six hours devouring everything we could from the buffet, watching back to back showings of Harry Potter, and getting foot massages in the shop down the terminal.

Although I typically prefer to travel without hang-ups such as these, we made the best we made the best of it and wound up having a good 6 hours.

Keep on Eatin’

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