22 Mar

Tonight after work and a trip to the massage parlor for a foot reflexology treatment with Angie, we headed up to 41-43 Elgin St. for dinner.

I actually spent a good portion of the day reading through HK Magazine’s 2010 restaurant guide for places to go as tonight was my unofficial birthday dinner.  After finding out that my first three choices were actually private kitchens and you have to choose your food a day in advance, I settled on Vivo for something different.  Unfortunately I left my camera at home today so I can not grace this post with photos.

We started our meal with the crab cakes which turned out to be 3 crab cakes with 3 different toppings (concasse tomatoes, mango chutney, and an herb medley).  This was a fantastic dish covering the full range of the palate and was beautifully presented.  The crab cakes themselves were soft and moist while still having a crispy exterior and not overly seasoned so that the toppings melded nicely.

Next we shared an order of the lamb loin served with smoked eggplant puree.  This is where the meal took a turn downhill.  Both mine and Angie’s first piece of lamb seemed as though they came from a cheap bubble gum vending machine, tough, chewy, and a bit bland.  Fortunately the next few pieces were moist and tender, but the first bite tends to be your impression.  I do have to note here that the smoked eggplant puree was absolutely delicious, perhaps my favorite part of the whole meal.

From here we moved onto a cheese course and tasted their fontina which happens to remind me of a slightly creamier and more robust cheddar than anything really special.  The candied mandarin was a nice touch in the center of the plate though.

We decided to finish with the dessert platter as I had read from 3 sources at this point that is was a must have.  It consisted of a pistachio ice cream, chocolate fondant, panna cotta, and a tiramisu.  The panna cotta was wonderfully light and not overly gelatinous which is what tends to turn me off from them normally.  The ice cream was nice as well with a good balance of nuttiness and cream.  The chocolate fondant on the other hand seemed to be made of either waaay too much chocolate, or a cheap one that just never wants to leave your mouth.  The tiramisu was about on the same level with the lady fingers having been soaked in the rum for far to long which left the cake a bit soggy.  (Not to mention I was glad there wasn’t a candle around to light my breath on fire with.)

After having given all of that negative feedback, the service was impeccable and I would definitely go back to give Vivo a second shot on some of their more signature dishes and another round of crab cakes.

Until next time, Keep on Eatin’


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