Macau: Preview

21 Feb

Hello all!

Tomorrow…well, today as it is already 2am…I will be traveling to Macau with Angela for a mini vacation!!!! 🙂  For those of you not familiar,  Macau is one of 2 special administrative regions of China.  (The other being my current home, Hong Kong)  Macau has a heavy Portuguese influence due to being ruled by Portugal from sometime in the 16th century until 1999 when it was officially handed back over to China.    This information is important to us because I will be on the hunt for delicious Portuguese fair.

The other thing Macau is known for is its tourism industry, thanks mostly to its close proximity to China and its Los Vegas stripesque amount of casinos.  Thanks to this fact, there are plenty of great places to dine in the casinos, hotels, not to mention just walking down the street for a traditional Portuguese egg tart!

Hopefully I’ll be able to stay focused this time and at least give you one more article about Macau after the trip.  Eh…we’ll see.  If anyone has any suggestions of things I HAVE to see or eat while we’re there please feel free to let me know!

Until then, keep on eatin’ the good bite.

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