31 Jan

Hello friends, welcome back to my life.  I’ve taken quite a hiatus for the past…half year (sorry!) due to working myself silly.  I’m sure we can all look beyond that and move right on into some more food related conversation.

I have actually just decided this evening that I will not be eating meat for the month of February which finally seemed something blog worthy.  Plus it helps getting back into the discipline of writing more often 🙂

Why did I make this decision?  NO CLUE!  I just randomly was wondering what it would be like to go without the deliciousness of bacon in the morning, and pepperoni pizza for lunch, and a fat juicy steak for dinner….this might be tough.

*Just to make some things clear*  I am not going to be vegan for the next 28 days.  So if you see something about me eating eggs or having milk…that doesn’t really count.  I’m strictly just cutting the actual meat from the animal out of my diet.

*HELP!!!!*  As you may or may not know, I am a professional chef.  Yet this does not make me an expert in vegetarian cuisine unfortunately.  So what I could use from you the reader is some help.  Really any small idea would be the biggest help but specific recipes are more what I’m after as I think it would be funner for you and me if I could try something out and possibly post pics and what not.  So…any veggie recipes would be greatly appreciated and I’ll do my best to post about them once I have tried them.

Day 1 starts tomorrow so wish me luck!  Until next time, keep on eatin’.

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