23? Really?

31 May

As I’m sure most of you know already, Dr. Pepper has been boasting that its beverage of carbonated deliciousness is comprised of 23 flavors.  Now, I’ve taken quite a few classes in beverage tasting and analysis but it is beyond my palate as to what most of these flavors are.  The few flavors that I think I can find in there are: ginger, anise, almond, cardamon, and although the company denies it I think I taste prunes.  There are many blogs and websites out there discussing the possibilities.  Their ideas range from the slightly absurd (burnt rum) to the possible (almond extract which is also used to flavor maraschino cherries) to the overly scientific (one guy claims that the plant genus prunus which apparently has over 30 plant and tree species, many of which bear fruit).  You can read more here at Kulturblog.

Aside from my weak attempt at naming the 23 flavors, I am inspired by the people who are giving it a real try to discover the true 23 flavors.  Maybe some day Dr. Pepper will let us all in on the secret, although I doubt it.  Its just good to see others out there living to eat up these flavors.

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Posted by on May 31, 2009 in Beverage


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