Fun With Leftovers

25 May

Is it just me or is cooking a meal for 3 a nightmare?  Even cooking for myself tends to be a challenge.  I always make waaaay to much.  I can cook for 2, and anything 4+, but 1 and 3 seems to be extremely difficult for me.  But I suppose without this dilemma I would never have a chance to play with all the leftovers 🙂

Today I got hungry a little early so I headed down to see what there was, and might I just say, why is it that when we open the refrigerator we always expect something new and fun to be there even though we were the last ones in there?  Anyway, I was greeted by an abundance of Tupperware containers filled with random goodies and decided to have some fun.

I found some chicken which I sliced up and microwaved to heat up.  I also found some tortillas so I put my hot chicken on the tortilla, sprinkled with with shredded cheese and back into the microwave it went.  Once everything was nice and hot I spooned a bunch of salsa on top and called it a meal.Leftovers

Now, if you know me at all you may be tempted to call me a hypocrite for using a microwave to cook my meal but I say neigh.  I merely used the microwave for one of my3 approved purposes which is reheating.  The other two are of course defrosting and making popcorn.

This was just a simple tasty meal with limited clean up all made from leftovers.  Ah living to eat is so much fun.

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One response to “Fun With Leftovers

  1. Tootsieroll

    June 6, 2009 at 7:38 am

    looks good!


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