Getting Lost

22 May

The other day I was shopping in a part of town (Mong Kok) which I am not totally familiar with.  I know a few streets in the area (Night Market, Ladies Market, Flower Market, and Shanghai Street) which are known for having good deals while shopping but this day I was on a mission.  I had to find small chalkboards and some baskets of a certain size for a work project so I was determined and just kept walking even when I reached as far as I had been before.  By the time I realized I had no idea where I was it was too late.  I had myself so turned around I didn’t know which way I had come from and by this time everything was in Chinese so there was no hope in trying to read a sign.  I was also becoming increasingly aware that I hadn’t eaten a very large breakfast and it was way past lunch time.  I made an attempt at getting back to where I started but when I get hungry all I can think about is the next meal so I wound up getting even more lost.  Finally I decided to just stop into the next restaurant I ran into and just point at something and hope for the best.

Lost LunchWhen I got to the restaurant they had the menu outside so I made up my mind the drink and food items I was going to point too and did so once inside.  Apparently I had 2 other choices to make with my food item and with a little help from the waitress I did so.  She brought me back this massive bowl of noodles and a delicious malty creamy beverage.  Since her English was pretty decent and the place was empty I decided to fess up and ask about the items I had ordered.  She told me it was traditional wide noodles in a spicy broth with veggies.  I asked about some of the veggies and she promptly brought me an English menu.  I felt pretty dumb but all I could do was laugh.  It turns out I chose the only 2 fermented vegetable options on the menu which isn’t something I would normally do when this hungry but I’m glad I did.  It was a terrific meal and a steal at only 28HKD.

Getting lost turned out to be a great reason to Live to Eat.

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One response to “Getting Lost

  1. Chris

    May 27, 2009 at 12:59 pm

    John allow me to say welcome back to the blogosphere. You have been gone too long.

    There are some really good cheap local places to eat in Mong Kok if you know where to look. Next time try walking down the side part of the ladies market, there are loads down there that you would have no clue about just wandering the market as normal.


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