Local Food

20 May

I’ve been in Hong Kong for almost a year now and people are finally taking me to the “real” local food joints.  Unfortunately I cant tell you the names of the places I’ve been to as they are all in Chinese characters that I am unable to read.  On the bright side though I do have some pictures and thoughts to share 🙂

Braised Chilli ChickenGarlic & Chilli Chicken Legs

Some friends took me to this place in Causeway Bay a few weeks back.  At first I thought we were going to eat outside at one of the little places on the street but instead they took me up to the 2nd floor where we were greeted by the sweet smells of local cuisine and the loud conversations being held over the even louder dice games.  This place was great because not only was the food delicious, it was cheap too.  For the 2 dishes you see plus a HUGE bowl of oyster congee and six 22oz beers the total came to a mere 280 HKD  You’d pay more than that for 6 pints down in LKF let alone the food.

The Braised Chilli Chicken was quite spicy as you can imagine with all the peppers laying right there on top.  Among the chillies was a pleasant surprise of juniper berries, the dish was full of them and their pungent aromatics played a heavy role in making this dish as delicious as it was.  The chicken was very tender and flavorful as well.

The garlic & chilli chicken legs were drumsticks that had been roasted to a perfection of crisy skin and juicy meat that was only made more amazing by being covered with fried garlic, chillies, and fermented beans.  This dish had really deep and rich flavor from the mountain of garlic.

I cant wait to have more local food!!

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