Mexican Food in HK

02 Mar

I know what you’re thinking…there are maybe two or three restaurants and they are all terrible…well my friends, the times have changed.  I will start off by saying that although I haven’t had Mexican food in about 3 months, I wasn’t having such large with-drawls for my opinions to be altered just because of a craving.  With that said….

If you’re looking for Mexican food in Hong Kong (Central in particular) then you have to go to Tequila located at 11 Old Bailey Street.  It just happens to be the next restaurant up from another amazing restaurant, The Flying Pan (or as my friends and I call it: The Pan), but that one will have to wait for another posting.

There are two sure fire ways to test a Mexican restaurant for quality without ever having to order an appetizer.  First, the Margarita.  Now if this is anything close to a decent place they will have a margarita list (much like a wine list only more dangerous) but for the test you have to order either the house margarita or for a level playing field, the gold margarita.  I always get mine on the rocks with salt and this , while not PERFECT, was a delicious balance of sweet and tangy orange, lime, and lemon along with a slight taste of the tequila.

The second test is the chips.  EVERY Mexican restaurant should serve tortilla chips with salsa no matter what you’ve ordered.  These chips were hot, crispy, and lightly seasoned to perfection and the chipotle salsa that came with it was amazing.  If your Mexican restaurant of choice fails in both of these categories, run.  Do not walk out, run for the hills and never come back.  The meal you are about to embark upon is going to be a bland, poorly prepared pile of spicy crap on a lukewarm plate.  If only one of the categories flop its up to your discretion…if you stick around for the meal you may be pleasantly surprised by a wonderful experience…or another failure, at that point its all what you make of it.

Back to Tequila…the restaurant….

I started off with a gold margarita (explained above) and shared a plate of fried jalapenos with my dad.  YUM!  Sorry there is no picture but they didn’t last that long.  Fried to a delicious golden brown, LOADED with gooey/melty cheese, and packed with just enough heat to make you flush.  AMAZING!

I then moved on to a chicken chimichanga…Chicken ChimichangaAh…words can’t describe the joy I was filled with (after the burning sensation went away) from my first bite.  *WARNING* A chimichanga is deep fried and all that steam pouring out once you cut into it is probably a good indication that it is REALLY hot inside.  Once I could taste again this was scrumptious.  The beans weren’t overcooked at all, the rice was well seasoned and dry but not so much that it turned crispy five minutes after you get your plate.

And for dessert…

Apple Chimichanga

Apple Chimichanga

I must have needed some fat in my diet because I went with the Apple chimichanga.  This was tasty, but I’m not a huge fan of raisins mixed with anything moist because they suck up some of the juices and become these slightly shriveled, dry but oddly moist grape things that just don’t belong in my mouth.  Other than that the flavor was great and anything served with vanilla ice cream makes me happy.

Well there ya have it.  Mexican Food in HK can be done and is being done well at Tequila.

Finding your favorites…another reason to Live to Eat.


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One response to “Mexican Food in HK

  1. Brian

    March 21, 2009 at 10:13 am

    So you finally gave the food a try too? I’m glad you finally found an outlet for your mexican food cravings. You might have to take me there next time I’m up.


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