Jaspas in Soho (Revisited)

20 Feb

So I mentioned previously that I would be getting back to Jaspas in Soho and tonight was the night.  Since my last meal there (the osso bucco) left some room for improvement I decided that tonight I was a vegetarian and gave their wild mushroom risotto a try…

This was DELICIOUS!  I’m somewhat of a risotto connoisseur and let me be the first to applaud Jaspas in their aldente perfection.  They also use the nice thick shavings of parmesean cheese for an extra surprise on your palate.  The mushrooms are also quite nice since they are so large and plentiful.  My one wish for this dish would have either been for the chef to have used a little more shaved parmesean when cooking the risotto or for an extra dash of salt right at the end to bring out the flavor just a tiny bit more.

We also had the eggplant rolls for an appetizer which were cooked quite nicely but I just don’t think I was in the mood for that much goat cheese tonight.  Otherwise, another nice dish indeed.  All swallowed down with a refreshing glass of ginger ale.

Giving restaurants a second try…yet another reason to Live to Eat


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