Burgers in Lan Kwai Fong: Stormies

30 Sep

Stormies probably isn’t very well known for their burgers, nor should they be.  On the contrary, if you’re walking down the streets of Lan Kwai Fong on any given Friday or Saturday night you’ll know Stormies is a great spot to grab a pint and meet new people.  Every weekend the place has a crowd inside and the crowd outside fills the street most nights.  (Good thing they close the streets on weekends.)

I wish I had a camera so I could share with you the confusion I had from this burger.  First of all, I may not have said it yet so I’ll say it now:  When I’m having these burgers I always order (if possible) a mushroom & cheese burger so that I can have something similar to compare all of these burgers with.  With that said, Stormies offers cheese and mushroom for a few extra bucks so once again that is what I ordered.  Once again my burger come to me with the top and bottom separate (typical burger presentation.  Only this burger has a nice little surprise, instead of the mushrooms being slices, they were quartered.  This gave the burger a little extra juiciness which was quite nice.  My burger was also cooked to a perfect medium which I was very happy about.  But this is where our little story takes a turn for the worse…

My poor, oddly shiny, burger bun was no match for the delicious juiciness of the quartered mushroom/perfect medium combo.  For some reason Stormies likes to put their burger into a bland super shiny bun that becomes pointless after the second bite.  I enjoy my burgers sloppy…but a mushy bun is like wet cardboard, nobody wants to touch that stuff.  The burger itself was also lacking in some flavor.  My last gripe about Stormies burger is going to be the salad of mixed greens that came with my burger and fries.  I have seen this with other burgers as well but Stormies’ mixed greens seemed to be the most out of place.  What was I supposed to do with these greens?  My burger already had a nice crisp chunk of iceberg on it.  Was it supposed to be a salad?  If so then where was the dressing?  Not even a splash of oil and vinegar on those leaves.  Too bad too, I sure do love a mixed green salad.

Overall, I pretty much suggest sticking to the beer at Stormies.  As for their burger,  I’d really like to rate it a little higher because it looked so nice, but looks aren’t everything so this burger will rack up only 3 out of 5 points.

-1 for the terrible bun,-1 for lacking in flavor


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