Afternoon Snack

25 Sep

I had a nice little snack the other day.  It was simple with crackers, cheese, and wine but the combination of flavors I feel is enough to write home about.  Or blog about in this case :-).

The cheese was a soft French cheese manufactured by Fromagerie Germain.  I think the cheese is called Farm Cheese Epois.Chablis but the container only advertises where it was made.   Either way this cheese was nice and soft with a strong nutty aroma.  This cheese was special because of its texture as well as the flavor.  It is soft and creamy like cream cheese on the edges but the middle is gooey like the inside of a grilled cheese sandwich.  It paired nicely with a glass of Fantelli’s 2004 Syrah from Argentina.

I found some tasting notes at which from my understanding originally come from Wine Enthusiast Magazine.  The notes are as follows: “Raspberry, bramble and leather are convincing opening aromas, while the ripe black cherry on the palate is spiced up by some light wood notes. Textured on the tongue, with vanilla and cherry notes to the finish.. — M.S. (6/1/2006)”

As you can see these notes are from 2006 and although I did not taste it at that time I’m going to add a few comments.  In the past two years the Raspberry and leather aromas have taken over the bramble completely.  The buttery, wood notes have also opened to combine perfectly with the black cherry forward.  The texture on the tongue is hardly noticeable and the vanilla cherry finish is short but well enjoyed.

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One response to “Afternoon Snack

  1. whirling

    September 26, 2008 at 6:24 pm

    你是在Johnson Wales上学的么?


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