Burgers in Lan Kwai Fong: Hong Kong Brew House

22 Sep

The long awaited second posting to the Burgers in Lan Kwai Fong series!!

I was on my own for lunch today and decided a burger and a beer would hit the spot.  Hong Kong Brew House is an intersting place.  During the weekends, every seat is filled at night.  During the daytime, I never see anyone in there and cant figure out why.  They import beers from all over the world, give you free peanuts, and have pretty decent burgers too.  They also have a happy hour (as does just about every place in Hong Kong) which this time featured Mexican beers.

My burger (ordered medium) came out quite quickly.  At first I thought this was because the place was completly empty but soon found out it was because my burger was cooked medium rare.  I love a good steak medium rare, but something about the gooeyness of a medium rare burger gets my stomach turning.

The brewer’s burger comes out in two pieces as do most burgers.  And like most burgers once assembled becomes a tower.  This burger was exceptionaly tall due to the chunk of iceberg lettuce, and two thick slices each of tomato and pickle.  This is all fine and dandy, except unlike most burger towers this one would not squish to an eatable size.  After removing half the lettuce and a slice of tomato and pickle, I took my first bite.  Instantly my hands and mouth were drenched which I find to be a good thing.  I don’t go to a bar to have a burger and a beer so I can stay clean.  Bar burgers and supposed to be sloppy and delicious and this one was no exception.  The burger even had grill marks which add that much needed smokey touch to a good burger.  My burger also came not only with fries, but onion rings as well.  Both were good but nothing special.

Overall I give Hong Kong Brew House’s burger 3.5 out of 5.

-1 for wrong temperature, -1 for being to tall, +0.5 for the grill marks (a first that I’ve seen in Hong Kong)


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