Hit me with your best shot!

06 Aug

I had night out on the town this weekend.  I started at Bulldog’s in Lan Kwai Fong which is an English style pub/sports bar.  They have some great burgers and about six beers on tap.  (I believe they are all English beers as well including Carlsberg)  I ran into some friends while I was there that I met through and we hung out for the rest of the evening.  After a few pints at Bulldog’s we decided to make a run for the door after 2 guys wearing boxes they had cut into horses began a weak attempt of hitting on my friends.

We bar hopped two times before winding up at Soda.  Soda is an interesting bar/pub in the fact that they have a pole for your entertainment.  Although they don’t hire someone to dance on it, there is a point through the night in which people will do it voluntarily.  While at Soda I was served my beverages by Tim Murphy who is the inspiration of this posting.  Tim was very personable and made sure my friends and I had a good time while we were there.  Although he was unable to produce a beverage we asked for because he wasn’t familiar with it, instead he created his signature shot which he calls “Slimer’s Primer”.  With a funky name like that how can you not want to try it?  I didn’t quite catch everything that went into it but I did notice him muddling away on some cucumber.  I’m typically a whiskey shot kind of guy so I tend to stay away from the girly drinks but I was with two ladies and we all wanted the same shot so why not?  Slimer’s Primer aroma reminds me of cucumber melon lotion or body wash, it simply smelt fresh and delicious.

After bottoms up, the shot went down extremely smooth with barely any burn afterwards followed by a cool and refreshing aftertaste.

So if you’re looking for a new place to hang out for the night, get some friends together and head to Soda on Wyndham St and be sure to ask for Tim Murphy to get a taste of his Slimer’s Primer.


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