04 Aug

After eating here for my third time I figure I can share this delicious place with you.  My family and I absolutly LOVE tapas and were having a hard time finding a good place to get them in Hong Kong.  Don’t get me wrong, there are quite a few tapas bars around but I find the quality of the food lacking in most of them.

Rico’s has a HUGE selection of tapas which they break down into categories such as Beef, Seafood, and Vegetable.  Something uniqe I haven’t seen in other tapas bars before is their selection of tapas sets.  They offer six different sets each containing six different items from all over their menu.  The set also comes with a bottle of white or red wine or a jug of sangria.  The two times we got a set we got the sangria because it is really really good.  It is a typical red sangria but they also put apple pieces in theirs which is fun to try to much on while sipping.

The tapas sets come on a platter where each of the tapas are seperated in their own section which allows you to enjoy each of the individual flavors.  They also provide you with some delicious french bread which is great by itself with some butter or for soaking up the last drop of the wonderful sauces.

All of the tapas that I have tried so far are cooked perfectly and have great flavor.  Which is more than can be said of their set lunch.  Although I enjoyed mine, there were a few complaints from my friends dishes such as over cooked chicken and the spaghetti w/meatballs I was told was terrible.  The sauce was bland and the meatballs were tough and dry.

I highly suggest getting a group together for a tapas set which feeds about 3 hungry adults.  You might want to stay away from the set lunch, although the price really makes up for the lack in over the top quality.

Almost forgot, all the times I’ve gone its been either before or after the lunch rush.  I’m told its hard to get a seat between 1&2pm.  After 2:30 you’ll basicly have the place to yourself until the diner rush.  Before 1 you can easily slip into a table as well.

Rico’s, great tapas, delicious sangria…I love living to eat.

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One response to “Rico’s

  1. Kris Fowler

    August 24, 2008 at 10:08 pm

    You’re story reminds me of a time when a friend of mine and myself went to this small bar in downtown Providence. We had been drinking some drink called…..hold on….it will come to me….Jack something or other, with some type of soda…..anyways we were drinking doubles and my friend decided to start break dancing in the middle of the dance floor. All the guys wanted to fight us because all of the girls wer like “Ok, you goy boy.” Anyways keep on living!


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