Mi-Ne Sushi

26 Jun

Located at G/F 12 Pak Sha Rd Causeway Bay HK is a great Japanese Sushi Bar.

When you walk in you have the choice of sitting at the “bar” or at table.  I suggest the bar because you are able to have the entertainment of the chefs creating the dishes right before your very eyes.  The other reason I suggest the bar is if you’re in a hurry/impatient because they have a selection of sushi that travels around the bar on a conveyor right in front of you.  Besides the sushi parade, Mi-Ne offers a vast selection of sushi, and sashimi items on their menu.  Items are priced by dish which is quite easy to recognize by the color of the plate and the diagram of color prices right in front of you when seated at the bar.

After enjoying several dishes from the parade, as well as several sushi, sashimi, and soup items from the menu; lunch for two was just under $90HK for two!  Now, I’m not typically a light eater and this meal didn’t prove to have me pushing away from the table early either. Service was quite prompt, the sushi was of good to great quality, and the soup was quite delicious as well.  Now don’t get me wrong, if you would like to, you can spend much more.  They do offer plates for up to $90HK each, but none of those seemed to strike my fancy that day.

So if you’re looking for a quick meal while shopping at Times Square Mall, Ikea, or anywhere in Causeway Bay, I suggest taking a short walk to Mi-Ne Sushi for a great value and a great meal.


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