Durian Ice Cream

16 Jun

Last night I had my first taste of durian (stinky fruit) in the form of ice cream.  Durians are known for their spiked husks and strong odored, edible flesh.  When walking through the grocery stores here in Hong Kong, you definitely know when durian is around, the sent is recognizable even through a closed husk.

My ice cream adventure started out with excitement because I have heard many stories of durian and how it smells yet the taste is wonderful.  The adventure quickly moved to disgust after sniffing my opened ice cream cup only to be followed by more disgust after having tasted it.  I tried not breathing and taking a bite, no use.  I even attempted to take a taste while plugging my nose and I was then able to appreciate the creamy and nutty flavor the durian has to offer but the moment I unplugged my nose I was reminded of the wretched odor given off by this fruit.

Although I did not thoroughly enjoy my ice cream adventure I did enjoy the discovery of the delicious flavor durian has to offer if you are capable of getting past the smell.  I plan on tasting the fresh flesh of a durian as well, hopefully the smell isn’t that much worse.

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