Hong Kong/Jaspas in SoHo

12 Jun

So, I moved to Hong Kong.  I am extremely excited because now I can focus on the life I would like to set up for myself.  I am currently in search of oenology courses so I can set myself up for my dream of one day owning a vineyard.  I already have so much to write about I’m going to begin posting hopefully every other day at the very least which will hopefully get me on my way of becoming a published food writer.  Last but not least, I have many connections here with many different opportunities to work in restaurants and learn about the different cuisines this place has to offer.

Last night I went to dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in about fifteen years or so.  She has been living here for a few months already and suggested meeting at Jaspas, a restaurant she has been to a few times and enjoys the food.  I got there early just to make sure I wasn’t going to be lost looking for this place.  I grabbed our table and ordered a glass of Santa Mia Cabernet Sauvignon from Argentina I believe.  Great glass of wine by the way.  The atmosphese at Jaspas was almost like that of a mexican restaurant back in the states.  Going to restaurants in Hong Kong is a little weird for someone that is used to dining in the United States just because of the way people go about buisness here.  If you don’t order right away the waiter tends to leave you alone for about twenty minutes until you can find them again.  I wound up having the osso bucco which unfortunatly was quite tough.  Although the main portion of my meal wasn’t the greatest I was able to enjoy the mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables that came with it.  The company was great, the atmosphese was fun, just the osso bucco was a little tough.  I will be going here again and trying different items from their menu.

Enjoying the meal even if the food wasn’t perfect, one more reason to live to eat.

John T. Osorio

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One response to “Hong Kong/Jaspas in SoHo

  1. thoughtbubblesandtroubles

    August 2, 2008 at 5:24 am

    I think the other Jaspas (Sai Kung way?) is a lot better than the one in central, the service is MUCH better but I do love the salt n pepper squid there…mmmm


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