“Golden Arches Bow to King’s Supremacy”

31 Mar

The following is a paper that I wrote recently for my advanced composition class. The assignment was to write an evaluation article and any two similar products. I chose to cover the debate of which fast food chain is the best between McDonald’s and Burger King. Enjoy.


“…Americans spend nearly $100 billion on fast food every year.” (Ransom) According to Google maps, there are close to 50,000 fast food chains competing with one another. (Ransom) A recent survey taken at Johnson & Wales University found that three out of five people prefer Burger King over McDonald’s. Burger King is better than McDonald’s. There are five criteria typical of a superior fast food burger joint: Cleanliness, Nutritional Value, Price, Speed of Service, and Menu Variety.

First of all, cleanliness is the first thing guests pay attention to when choosing where to eat. If the restaurant is filthy, odds are that nobody will want to eat there in the first place, let alone come back for another meal in the pig sty. Both of these restaurants tend to have many customers daily, whom of which aren’t always the neatest eaters. Even with this in consideration, the restaurant is responsible for keeping their dining rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens clean. When it comes to cleanliness, both restaurants are really unpredictable and are capable of chaos or cleanliness. According to the survey, Burger King is the cleaner of the two restaurants.

Secondly, many Americans are beginning to make their dining decisions based upon where they will be able to get a healthier meal. Throughout the years diets have come and gone and with them many fast food places have opted to follow the trends. Currently the trend that remains consistent throughout all trends lists is eating healthy. With thirty-one percent of Americans being obese, its no wonder the trend is to eat healthy. (Obesity) We all know that fast food isn’t really our smartest choice when choosing our food for health reasons but if you were to have to make a choice between McDonald’s and Burger King, Burger King is slightly healthier.

Thirdly there is always the concern of price. Not everyone can afford to eat at a five star restaurant every night no matter how badly they would like to. Some Americans are on very low budgets when it comes to food choices and can be misinformed that purchasing meals from these fast food restaurants can save them money. Fast food restaurants are known mostly for their low prices and quick service. When looking to satisfy your hunger for a juicy burger, McDonald’s comes out on top. As a side note, Burger King’s sandwiches tend to be slightly larger and could be some of the reason for the higher prices.

Next is the speed of service that was mentioned earlier. Americans are busy people. Families tend to have both parents working full time jobs with conflicting schedules which makes it nearly impossible to plan a time for meal periods, let alone make the time to cook the meal. This on the go attitude has made the demand for fast food restaurants go through the roof. McDonald’s and Burger King tied when it came to speed of service. Both of these restaurants are built to handle a high customer flow with little wait time on the customer’s part. Just like the cleanliness though, you may find yourself waiting for a long time in the drive-through, not always at the fault of the restaurant.

Last but not least, menu variety is very important when choosing the right fast food restaurant. Places like Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), and Popeye’s are at a clear disadvantage when it comes to variety. Families looking to go out as a group for dinner have to make their decisions on where to eat in a combined effort. The kids may want chicken nuggets, while dad would like the biggest burger he can get his hands on, and mom is looking forward to something light. Where should they go? According to the survey, Johnson & Wales students believe that both of these restaurants have an equal menu variety. Both of these restaurants offer burgers, fried chicken for the kids, salads, fish sandwiches, and many more options.

In conclusion, with the multi-billion dollars spent on fast food each year it is obvious that Americans enjoy fast food. After evaluating all of the criteria, McDonald’s may have the upper hand when it comes to price but Burger King takes the cake in cleanliness as well as nutritional value. Although you may spend a little more money, the next time your craving some fast food I suggest that you make your way towards the home of the King.








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4 responses to ““Golden Arches Bow to King’s Supremacy”

  1. Alex

    March 31, 2008 at 7:08 am

    Nice post about fast food studies 😀

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  2. Mike Osorio

    April 1, 2008 at 3:56 am

    I find that fast food restaurants are pretty close on cleanliness, price, and speed. So the only thing that matters to me is taste. With that in mind, the Whopper beats the Big Mac every time – for me, the King gets the Crown. Although I must admit, for a fast food breakfast, I get the Sausage McMuffin with egg vs. the Croissan-wich at BK. Those BK Cini-minis are awfully good though… Getting hungry!

  3. Angel

    April 1, 2008 at 5:15 pm

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  4. David Goldbeck

    April 1, 2008 at 11:50 pm

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