The Joy of Random Food

10 Feb

I woke up this morning and started my usual routine. I started my coffee, took a shower, grabbed for the milk to make my cereal only to find my roommate had drank the last of it. So I began to rummage around for something to eat. Like a caveman in the bushes I began to forage and gather for ingredients. I decide on an omelet due to an abundance of eggs. The problem was filling the omelet. I found half and onion, some green pepper sliced, and whats this little gem in the back? Asparagus! A little cheddar cheese and salsa and I was soon throwing a party for my lack of milk.

Omelets are quite the simple breakfast. All you need is eggs and a filler. Just whip the eggs in a bowl, (about 2-3 will make a substantial omelet depending of the filler) decide on your filler. This is where the fun begins. Just about anything can be an omelt filler. Its like the pizza of breakfast. Today I went with what I have on hand, which is really the best way to help get rid of some leftovers. To make an omelet, all you have to do is follow these basic steps.

Step 1: Gather your filler and cut it all into a small to medium dice

Step 2: Saute your filler in a small amount of butter or vegetable oil.

Step 3: Begin cooking your whipped eggs in a non-stick saute pan. With a rubber spatula, gently lift the edges and allow the raw egg on top to slide between the cooked egg and the pan. This may sound difficult but I guarantee it is easier than it sounds.

Step 4: Spread your cooked filler onto your omelet and add cheese if desired.

Step 5: Fold your omelet in half for that omelet look.

Step 6: The most important step, ENJOY!

Remember, we are not put into a world where we have to eat to live. We are creatures of thought, not instinct which allows us to live to eat. Small problems such as running out of milk can turn into huge opportunities such as a wonderful, unplanned breakfast.

Now get out there and live to eat. Unplanned or planned, breakfast should be more than just coffee and cereal. My challenge to you is: One day this week, run out of milk. Take the opportunity to make something delicious. Don’t just settle for a bagel, unless of course you wish to top that bagel with scramble eggs filled with veggies with a side of……well, looks like I’m getting hungry again.

Until next time, this is John T. Osorio challenging you to Live to Eat.

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One response to “The Joy of Random Food

  1. Mike Osorio

    February 10, 2008 at 11:43 pm

    This is a great challenge. Too often we go for the easy out for breakfast – cereal or a bagel and coffee. It is so easy, and almost as fast, to make an omelet creation. I haven’t done that in a few weeks. I’m going to do it tomorrow! Or maybe for today’s lunch. Omelets are great for lunch and dinner too!


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